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I have been seeing numerous back and forth discussions about who should wear masks and who should not. Personally, I wear my mask because COVID is no joking matter. But there are still those who do believe that COVID is a farce and a mask or any PPE isn't required. So I am just giving my 2 cents.

My husband have already lost 2 family members and several of his school mates-i don't think this is a laughing matter or something to be seen as a farce. Our elderly are dying and our millennials are upset because bars, clubs, restaurants, nail shops, hair salons, etc are closed. Are you serious right now? Mask wearing is not the only way to stop the virus from spreading but thats a big discussion presently.

The World Health Organization recommends that people should wear a face mask if they're sick. I would suggest that we go a little bit further and maybe consider recommending that older adults or vulnerable individuals consider wearing face masks, particularly if they're going to crowded areas, because those are the groups of people that would face the highest risk of a more severe infection if they were to get infected, and those are the group that we would like to protect the most (

My final thoughts on this is, I will continue wearing my mask while out in public until i am 100% certain that this virus has disappeared. If it does not go away then I guess this is my new normal. What are your thoughts?

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